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Meet Marta!

A proven problem solver.


I love a challenge!  I enjoy the process of developing solutions to help overcome problems or issues we may have. 

I learned the importance of this process from my biomedical engineering studies.  Figure out the issue, then apply the known principles to solve the problem.  Even though I left the engineering field, I still apply this key principal today.

I gave up engineering to pursue the medical field after realizing I wanted to help people on an individual level.  After years of practicing medicine, I began to notice a trend.  People aren't getting healthier, more and more of us are getting sicker.  

So I did a deep dive into the why and complimented my knowledge of the body in sick and diseased state, with the knowledge of how the body reverses and overcomes that.  

I’m a Certified Functional Medicine Provider (CFMP).  Working with me is different because of the personal AND knowledgeable information I bring to you.  I, myself, as well as most of my health participants, have seen other functional, integrative, holistic providers, all to be let down.

I WILL NOT let you down.  I continue to stay ahead of the wave with my program in a way that will allow you to coast through your life

  • *full of ENERGY
  • *full of VITALITY
  • *full of HEALTH
  • *devoid of disease


 Now I'm able to HELP YOU get better and feel better…

I have always been passionate about helping others, but now I have the experience and knowledge to actually help your body heal!   

I am determined to help you heal just as I have healed.  

This is my calling….to help as many people as I can realize that their health, happiness, and livelihood lies within them.  It is an incredible feeling to not be burdened by your symptoms or your diagnosis.  It is empowering to know what your body needs to perform at its best. 

 Stop counting on your insurance company and traditional medical therapies to improve your health.  Our health care system is based on managing your disease - which means you may stay alive longer with it, but your body is so far from functional and will only continue to deteriorate at a faster rate than you’ll like.  You will be dependent on office visits, procedures and medications for the rest of your life.

If you want true freedom, energy, and happiness - you must stop the dependency on the medical system designed to keep you sick.

Let’s create health for you down to the trillions of cells that make up YOU!

Let’s Go! I’m Ready!

It all started when...

…my mother needed my help packing her open abdominal wound every day after having surgery due to a perforated colon.  I was in awe of what the surgeons could accomplish and was amazed with how the body was able to heal itself.  

With the right care, our bodies can overcome just about anything.  I knew I could help others in the way the doctors and I helped my mother.  I enjoyed learning about the process and reasoning behind wound healing and what our bodies needed to rebuild itself.

So…I decided to step away from engineering and started a new career path in medicine.  I worked as a physician assistant in different areas of conventional medicine for years.

But then everything changed...

My father-in-law died of cancer at 62, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and it seemed as though everyone around me was battling with some sort of health issue.  Hope was diminishing and nothing seemed to be going right.  My schedule was overbooked with people trying to get relief from their symptoms and diseases.  

Are we all just waiting to get the same diseases as our family members?  People seemed to be sicker, everyone has a disease, more people have cancer and the rates keep climbing!  

What’s going on?  Is this my fate too?? 

I was exercising regularly, thought I was eating right, so I thought I was healthy.  I wasn’t going to get the same diseases as my family members….

But I did…I developed an autoimmune disease.  And if this was possible with my “healthy lifestyle”, then I knew the possibility of getting cancer was real.  

Knowing how resilient our bodies are, how our Creator put in so many different ways for bodies to get back to normal, I knew there were things I could do to help my body heal. 

And with some help, I discovered those things!

I CAN NOT withhold the way my life has changed as I developed my program and optimized my health!

  • I have energy to truly interact and play with my kids
  • I don’t have to take a mid-day nap to make it through an evening event
  • I no longer have any gut issues
  •  The fullness in my hair is returning!
  • I have the energy and am more productive at work, which gets me out of the office sooner, so I can make dinner and find out about my family’s day
  • I have a new found gratitude in all I do, hear and say


”’For I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord.”

-Jeremiah 30:17

Fun facts!

I was born in Poland

My parents moved to the US with 3 young girls.  I became a US citizen in 2010!

I have 3 kids


All girls - I feel truly blessed!


I’m funny!

I love dry humor…David Spade was my hero when I was young.

I often just make myself laugh!

I love puzzles

I could spend an entire weekend just doing a puzzle.  Puzzles make me block out the rest of the world!

Board sports are my jam

I love to snowboard, boogie board, surf, and play board games!

Ready to start a New Beginning?



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