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When we struggle, we can either triumph or accept defeat.

As your health engineer I will take the confusion out of achieving real health so you can triumph over your disease.  

At Health Renovations, we don’t treat any disease or symptoms - we get down to the bottom of the tank - clear it out - so your body can work effectively & efficiently.

Combining my experience as a biomedical engineer and physician assistant, along with being a Certified Functional Medicine Provider (CFMP), I have a unique ability to create a plan that puts your health firmly in your grasp.

My mission is to empower individuals who are committed to achieving optimal health and vitality, helping them surpass their goals and discover their full potential.  

Using Scripture for motivation and guidance, my programs will get you from tired, sick, and inflamed to having a life full of energy, vitality, and happiness.

Find out the renovation difference, and how it can help you!

Discover the Renovation Difference

Is this you?

  • Normal blood work despite symptoms
  • Growing list of prescriptions
  • Autoimmune disease 
  • Fatigued all the time
  • My list of medical issues keep growing
  • Lost your passion for most things
  • Scared of getting the same diseases as your family
  • No one can figure me out
That’s me - Help me solve my problems!

 You’re in luck!  


➤ ➤ 

Imagine what your day would be filled with when you have energy and vitality


Energy is produced by our mitochondria - these are the powerhouses of each cell (and we’re filled with them!).  When these guys are exposed to toxins, chemicals, infections, and parasites, they go into a danger response mode - they try to fight off the invaders.  So instead of making energy for our daily activities - they’re busy making energy to fight off these toxins and infections. Those mitochondria are also the ones to start the signal for inflammation 🔥 which is at the root of all disease!

Without energy, and always being in a danger response mode, your tissues and organs suffer.  Your genetics and exposures determine what fails first.

My unique plan for you is designed to get those cells out of the danger response mode.  We quell the inflammation by eliminating the toxins & chemicals that have accumulated. We support the mitochondria so they can signal the healing pathways and create energy for you.

With increased energy and mental clarity, your day becomes more productive, which means you have the time to do what you WANT to do rather than just what you NEED to do.

*Engage with your kids

*Go on that dream trip

*Develop the courage to take chances

You don’t have to accept your diagnosis and symptoms….there are things you can do to not just improve your health, but optimize the way it works!

Contact me so we can discuss what it’s like to find your own personal solution.  Find out what it feels like to overcome the victimization of your diagnosis and defeat the disease process.

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