The Health Renovation


Renovation = to restore to a better state by cleansing, repairing, or rebuilding

What is Health Renovation?

Undergoing a health renovation prioritizes cellular and metabolic function.  By doing so we enhance physical, emotional and mental health to achieve a higher quality of life.  

Obtain true health.

Our process cleanses and treats your gut, kidneys, liver, tissues, and organs.  We enhance detoxification and drainage so your body can do the healing and get you healthier, stronger, full of energy & vitality. 

The process gets down to the bottom of the barrell and basically knocks out all the crud sitting there - it’s amazing how well your body works once this is gone!

A health renovation takes the individual person and relates their environment, diet, lifestyle, and genetics to determine how it can work optimally.

Health optimization is the future!

Are you ready to step into your brighter future or stay in the same old traditional healthcare model, which is designed to keep you sick?

Who is this for?

Health Renovations is for everyone.  Anyone who is looking to…

  • Resolve their health concerns
  • Improve your performance
  • Increase your energy
  • Have your body work for you, not against you
  • Set yourself up to prevent future diseases and cancers

 Health starts to deteriorate when it can not handle the burdens like it used to -

  • your energy decreases
  • your hormones go out of whack
  • your body doesn’t move or recover like it used to
  • your symptoms stack
  • you start to have aches and pains
  • you’ve been diagnosed with a disease
  • You feel achy, swollen, inflamed

 Your body has many mechanisms to compensate for the small destructions that occur (infections, toxins, deficiencies).  But when it becomes overburdened and can’t handle the load it’s given anymore, things start to break down.  

At first the small breaks go unnoticed, until things get worse.  Then you develop symptoms, then a disease.

You go to your healthcare clinic, they run tests and either tell you you’re fine, or give you your diagnosis.  After this comes a prescription to make you feel better, but is it actually making you better?

The answer is NO!

The most commonly prescribed medications aren’t actually making you healthier.  Sure, they may keep you alive for longer, but they are not eliminating your condition, nor are they correcting the reason you developed your symptoms.  Because these medications are not the solution, you get worse or you get more symptoms and diseases. 

Some prescribed medication actually makes things worse for your body and there are long lists of side effects.


Let’s do a health renovation…

on YOU!

Marta has had extensive training to help individuals reach their optimal health.  She is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.  

There’s no time like NOW to get your body working the best way it can.  

*Don’t miss out on important life events, weddings, births, birthdays, graduations, because you’re too tired, achy, swollen.  

*Be present in all your conversations, have more patience and mental clarity.

*Have the energy to play with your kids, go out with your friends, and enjoy the activities and hobbies you once did.

*Be more productive at work and home so you have more time to do your hobbies


Are you ready to renovate?!

I’m ready for a Renovation!