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Discover How To Finally End the Inflammation causing all your symptoms with the Inflammation Renovation 

We’re not talking about curcumin or green tea 🍵

We’re talking about getting your body to stop creating the inflammation ❤️‍🩹 leading you to heal and be symptom free!.

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If you’ve ever felt hopeless because of your pains, swelling, inflammation, & fatigue you’re not alone. 

Every week I work with people, just like you, who are going through the exact same problems:

  • Unable to get a good nights sleep making it hard to focus or be present during the day
  • Bloating, constipation, and indigestion that causes stress and anxiety at every meal 
  • Constant irritability that makes you snap and take your frustration out on those you love most
  • Unsightly rashes that itch and embarrass you preventing you from wearing the things you want, like shorts, skirts, or dresses or being comfortable in your own skin

If you can relate to any of the above, what I’m about to share on this page can help you get back to yourself - the person you were before all these symptoms started.

It doesn't involve crazy diet changes, drawers full of supplements, journaling & meditation all day…

As long as you have the passion to make a lasting change in your life, I want to help you feel AMAZING!

But before I get into that, allow me to introduce myself…


Hi, I’m Marta

I’m a health engineer who specializes in helping men & women overcome their inflammation and diseases by supporting your body.

I’m a biomedical engineer and physician assistant.  I have treated many autoimmune and chronic diseases with conventional medicine and have gone through my own autoimmune journey.  This has led me to the creation of Health Renovations.  It is here and now that I show people how to care for their bodies so the body can do what it does best….heal.  

I teach you to give your body what it needs and stop what it doesn’t need.  With some guidance from Scripture, we’re able to endure and find the motivation to persevere with courage.


My Journey to Becoming A Health Engineer Started Back In 2015... 

After I had my first child I assumed all my symptoms were from being a new mom.  The stress of delivery, lack of sleep, trying to care for and feed a tiny little human added a lot of stress to my life (and happiness of course!).  I blew off my symptoms & figured it would get better.  A couple of kids later, my symptoms worsened & there was no ignoring them.  My GI issues were so bad that I didn’t know what it was to not be bloated & constipated.  My joints swelled and I had to go down the stairs very carefully with aid as I couldn’t bend my knees in the mornings. My hair was likely about half as thick as it used to be, I was itchy all over, then I started with hives on my body.  

I had done a lot of nutrition and diet work, but nothing helped.  I got a bunch of labs done, all normal except for one… diagnosis?  It was autoimmune urticaria (my body developed signals to attack the ‘allergic reaction cells’).  

I rejected the immune suppressant that my doctor said was the only thing to help me.  I saw a functional medicine provider that showed me what some of my issues were with some labs, told me a plan, which I followed to a T - but still wasn’t better.  

I even went through a functional medicine certification program to figure it out on my own.

Giving up and giving in was not an option…I kept searching for the truth, the reason.  

But One Day, Something Amazing Happened….

I took an opportunity to learn from some of the most forward thinking individuals in health.  They presented thoughts and ideas that were so foreign to me at first, but after a deep dive into the research and studies, what I realized is that they have come across the most innovative technology and products to help your body re-create health.

They also enjoy questioning everything (which I personally enjoy as well) - and have simplified the cause for diseases.


From This Moment On, My Life Changed Forever 

After creating my own protocol with the right supplements and diet for myself - my life changed & I’ll never go back.  My gut problems resolved in the first month, my hives were no longer coming during month 2 of my protocol, I didn’t even have any itching or swelling on my skin!  No joint stiffness or swelling.  The best part….I was sleeping so good, all night, refreshed and ready to go in the morning!

I did have some symptoms come up during the entirety of the program, however was able to eliminate those with the right stuff as well and learned what my body needed in order to tolerate the detox and increased drainage that was giving my body the ability to heal.

You see, our bodies are made in a way that they want to heal - you cut yourself and the healing process starts automatically - break a bone and your body mends it.  With autoimmune disease though, your body can’t heal because it has too many other things it needs to fight off and deal with.  When we eliminate those things through diet, water, exercise and the right supplements - our body does what it naturally does best - heal! 


This Is Why I’m Writing To You Today

I can’t let others waste their hard earned money on programs and practitioners that get no results like I did.  As long as you are putting in the effort, my personally curated program is going to work for you.  

I’m in this to help people transform their lives, their health.  I’m looking forward to doing the right thing and helping everyone that wants to be helped with their health. 

Real health is meant for everyone - not just the wealthy - it’s meant for every human.

Are you ready to finally stop managing your disease & START healing?

Then let’s do this. 

No more elimination diets, guessing what supplement you hope will make the difference for you.  Start making some real headway in feeling better & gaining real health - start with a meeting with me. 

The Inflammation Renovation is a program designed to get to the root cause of your symptoms & disease to give you a life full of energy, vitality & happiness.

By the end of your program with me, you’ll be:

  • Full of energy and ready to take on weekends full of activities.
  • Free from the symptoms that inhibit you from living the life you want
  • Knowing what the most appropriate diet is for you & how to incorporate it into regular daily life
  • Forgetting about food eliminations as your food sensitivities will be diminished 
  •  Less fearful of the health concerns of most people
  • Confident that you put in all your effort and led down the right path for your health

In other words - you’ll be feeling great, but most importantly you will have true, real health.

Enroll now!

Core Steps

Support your mitos

The mitochondria are the parts inside each cell responsible for creating energy.  You need these guys working well in order to benefit from the drainage and detox that’s coming next.





Clean your gut

Your gut is one of the most important factors to allowing your body to get healthy.  You’re digesting, absorbing, and eliminating all through your gut.  Cleaning out all the pesky biofilms, unwanted bacteria and parasites is a must.  This supports the deeper cleanses ahead. 

Do a systemic detox

Now is the time to go deeper than the gut - get to all the tissues and organs and clean out the toxins, parasites and chemicals that have been stored there for years.  You might feel a bit worse here - but only because your body is now able to dump all its been holding onto. 


Support your immune system

yes, support the very thing you’ve been told needs to be suppressed. Now that your body does not have all those toxins to deal with - you will see that it will act appropriatly.





How To Get Started With the Inflammation Renovation

Ready to finally tackle your fatigue, inflammation, and gut issues and live a life of true health?

Click the button below to be taken to our secure checkout page where you can book a 1 hour 1:1 session with Marta.

In this meeting we will review your health history and identify your potential triggers, toxicities, and deficiencies that are causing your body to be overburdened.  Identifying these and developing the right plan to overcome these burdens is important to allow the body to heal itself so you can overcome your symptoms.  Without any signs or symptoms of a disease… there one?

We discuss lab options & recommendations, why some are important and others that wouldn’t change the process.

The things that are causing your disease are important to know so we can develop the most appropriate plan for you to overcome those burdens.  When we take those burdens away from our body - away from what our cells need to “deal” with - then the cells can work better and you start to heal!

These burdens include toxins, infections, chemicals, and nutritional deficiencies.  We’ll go over these in detail and how we support our body to overcome these burdens.

We will be clear on what the path moving forward will be - but know that there is no commitment after this meeting.  The choice for change is yours, but I will be clear with the expectations of your healing path.  

You will not only feel better with my plans - you will realize what true health really feels like!

Simply enter your details there to schedule your first meeting with Marta - where your very own Renovation Blueprint will be created to get you on your journey.

You’ll be sent an intake form for you to fill out so I can start getting to know you.

You’ll be sent an email with your login details asking you to create an account, and you’ll be ready to dive into your new journey!

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”Full of energy”

The difference I felt in a week was crazy.  I have more energy and was able to do everything I needed to do in my day done without feeling exhausted.  


"Do it for your family”

This is the best thing that I’ve done for myself, which turned out to be for my family.  They are getting the best version of me now.


”Best care ever”

Never have I been given this kind of personalized plan before.  Marta was available for whatever kind of concerns I had.  I’m now eating foods that I used to react to without any issues.

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  • Get all my expert tips, taught in a live group setting rather than personalized
  • get expert tips to improve your energy
  • Determine what supplements, foods, & activities you can do to support your mitochondria
  • work on your health in a group setting
  • learn from issues others are having and how solve them
  • learn how to clean your gut the right way 
  • learn the differences between detox & drainage
  • You’ll always have the option to upgrade to a personalized plan if you wish!

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